Developed general-purpose Rice Hulling and Whitening Machine “MS-200”

Developed general-purpose Rice Hulling and Whitening Machine “MS-200”

and started sales !


Taiwa Seiki Co., Ltd. has started to sell “MS-200”, a small Rice Hulling and Whitening machine, jointly developed with Thai rice milling manufacturer (CLP) from China, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia. This machine combines rice Hulling and rice Whitening functions into a compact body. A highly versatile small machine required in the world’s rice-growing areas, it can handle long, medium and short rice varieties.


  • Integrated type hulling rice mill.
  • Reduction of labor force by lowering position.
  • Hulled part is a three roll type.
  • Hulling efficiency by passing twice.
  • High Hulling rate by one pass method.
  • It does not circulate the wild rice so it is less crushed rice.


〇Model=MS-200,  〇Hopper capacity=30kg,  〇Milling capacity=200kg/h,  〇Power required=3.7kW,  〇Hulling system=3roll type,  〇Milling system=Friction type,  〇Husk removing system=Built-in suction fan,  〇Bran removing system=Built-in suction fan,  〇Size(mm)=W1,115×D603×H1,750,  〇Weight=240kg